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President: Kim Rollins      

                  EMAIL PTO President

1st VP: Christy Zemaier

VP Ways and Means: Alice Robison

VP Membership: Courtney Beal


VP Programs: Dani Miller


Secretary: Linda Lange

Treasurer: Barbara Farris

Parliamentarian: MJ Ciatto

Arts in Education: Sara Naqvi

Reflections: Robin Dale


Council Rep: Kate Bronson

Environmental: Jenn Meldrum

Hospitality: Heather Bloem

Legislative: Alysia Bobo

Volunteer Coordinator: Rachel Butler

Technology: Angie Hawkins

Website: Anna Sides 


Lighthouse Asst:  Mahala Ahern


Student Activities: Kari Duronio 

Community:  KelliAnne Derks

SAGE:  Tara Baker

2022-2023 Sloan Creek PTO Board

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