Your membership dues and donations to the Leopard Drive allow us to fund fantastic speakers and special events throughout the school year.  PTO membership also provides access to quality parent resources, SCIS PTO updates, and a Sloan Creek PTO Membership directory.  Your PTO membership gives you greater opportunity to get involved in school activities but it does not require you to volunteer unless you desire to do so.

Dues are $8 per member.    Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and students are all welcome to join.  Please join us today!     


Courtney Beal

VP Membership

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The Leopard Drive is our annual fundraiser that allows the PTO to bring great programs and events to Sloan Creek and all donations stay at SCIS.  No selling magazines or chocolate bars! 


Keep it simple with a donation to the Leopard Drive - your generous support goes directly to programs for all SCIS students.  You can make your donation to the Leopard Drive on the member registration form - click JOIN ONLINE to get started

If you have already joined the PTO for the current school year and want to donate to the Leopard Drive, just click the Donate button below.


  • Can I still join with a paper form? 
    In order to run the PTO efficiently, members can no longer join by paper form.  All members set up a user account on our new
    Membership Toolkit website and pay for membership online through the registration form. 


  • Who pays the bank fee? 
    The member pays a small transaction fee.  The fee on an $8.00 membership is  20 cents.  The fee on a $100 donation is $1.90


  • What if I’ve already joined but want to donate to Leopard Drive? 
    Click on
    Donate button above or you can go to the Support PTO tab and donate from there as well. 


  • What if I have already joined, but need to join an additional adult in my family? 
    LOGIN to your Membership Toolkit account and click on "My Account" and then on "My Forms/Paperwork".
    Add info for second parent or grandparent and choose "yes or no" in the drop down box to allow them to manage their own account and access directory.  Then click "join" and add an adult membership to your cart and checkout.  NOTE:  All adults in one household should be under one account.  For students with multiple households, you can choose to create separate accounts.


  • What if I forgot to add one of my students, but don’t plan for him/her to join the PTO? 
    If student is not already in your profile, then 
    LOGIN to your account and add the additional student names and grades.


  • How do I register if I am a teacher without a child attending SCIS?

      When you create your Membership Toolkit, choose the drop down box "Faculty".  You will then          complete the form and choose which information you wish to be published in the directory.

  • What if I accidentally added too many memberships to my cart and paid? 
    We are happy to issue a refund or apply the difference as a donation. 
    Contact Membership if you would like a refund.

Still have questions?  CONTACT US.  We're happy to help.



Need to update your contact information or want to look up another member in the directory?   Go to our Membership site then login using the credentials you set up when you joined.

Sloan Creek PTO Bylaws